Saturday, January 31, 2009

Puerto Rico 2-player Variant

Puerto Rico: 2-player Variant
Official Alea/Ravensburger Rules
This version is translated by Frank Hamrick from the website
Copyright: (c) 2001 Ravensburger Spieleverlag

The author and publishing house had two compelling conditions when we developed the following variant for 2 players: 1) we wanted to make no new material (e.g. new violet buildings), and 2) we wanted to retain the original rules so far as possible so that the transposition of the multi-player game to the 2-player game would not be too novel. We would love to hear your feedback on this variant. Which buildings are especially strong, which weak? What would you change- why? What would you do differently? Send your questions to
Variations from the multi-player game follow.

Game Preparation

* Per Player: 1 player board, 3 Doubloons, 1 Indigo (for governor); 1 corn (for 2nd player)

* Remaining Plantations: Remove 3 of each type of plantation from the game. Uncover 3 plantations(one more than the number of players)

* Quarries: Remove 3 Quarries from the game (use 5 quarry tiles).

* Buildings: Use 2 of each Production building, and 1 of each Violet building.

* Victory Points: 65 total Victory Points

* Colonists: 40 (in supply) + 2 on the colonist ship (minimum = number of players)

* Goods: Remove 2 of each type of good from the game

* Cargo Ships: Use the 4 and 6 capacity cargo ships

* Trading House: No change

* Role Cards: Remove 1 prospector from the game

Game Sequence
The Governor begins and selects a role. Subsequently the players alternate selecting roles until both players have selected 3 roles. Place one Doubloon on the remaining role card. The Governor then changes to the second player and the above sequences is repeated. All further rules are the same as in the Multiplayer game.